Tenuous link - The Iberian versions

Whilst I have the enthusiams for painting I figured (no pun intended) i'd stay on the crest of the wave and carry on painting. First up was 3 groups of Celt-Iberians for Punic Wars Infamy. 

I went for a mix of purple and blue shields, I might add some more Celtic style twists and twirls to the shields at some point but they are pretty much done.

I do need to finish basing them but I got distracted by another period with (as the title hints at) a tenuous link to the Celt-Iberians.

Ever since I did the Filibuster project, I've wanted to expand the Mexican forces so that they would serve as the basis of troops for the Maximillian Adventure (the other part of the plan is to create another Mexican force for earlier in the 1830's so that the core of the Filibuster force can be used in the Texan war of independence, but that plan may have to wait a while). 

 So for the first part of my Maximillian adventure, I started to expand the Republican forces (although these guys could be used on either side in fairness). 4 Groups of regulars, all from Foundry, in two matching groups of 2 plus and officer each. 

Foundry has a few figures suitable for the Maximilian adventure that aren't in the dedicated Maximilian range (which is an old and diminutive range that I haven't touched so far) but are instead in the Old West range. Both sets of figures here come from the latter range. I've been picking odds and sods from ebay but I also bought some figures straight from Foundry during their christmas sale (thanks to a generous gift voucher from a bunch of international friends who felt sorry for me during my hospitalisation earlier in the year). 

The two sets of figures wouldn't necessarily mix in the same unit but they look fine on the tabletop together. I've been trying to get a decent picture of this lot in daylight but I've barely seen any! If I manage one before my next post I'll make sure to include it. 


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