What I did during My holidays

The last time bothered to blog I has just attended OML8 in Evesham. It's about time I updated you all on what has been happening since. Buckle yourselves in........

The week after OML8 I flew up to Edinburgh to attend Deep Fried Lard in Mussleburgh. The inimitable Charlie drove north with the Warlords game after OML so that I didn't have put it in the plane (there is more of this to come!). The advantage of travelling up to the homeland is that I got visit my parents and stay with one of my oldest mates so that a grand weekend end of eating and boozing and playing games. I only ran the Warlords game in the afternoon which meant that in the morning I got to play Rich Clarke's far east version of Chain of Command. It was an intense and difficult game and is very different to the Western/European version of the game.

After Deep Fried Lard, a fortnight later was Ouseing Lard in Bedford. This time Charlie drove down from Scotland and I drove up from Devon so that I could take custody of the Warlords. Another great day of Lardy gaming was had and late evening of boozing was had. Again I got stay with a great gaming friend, Chris (antipixi) which meant several birds were killed with several stones.

Flush with the success of the games at the various Lardy days I dug out a load of figures to start prepping for summer painting fun. First a load of Trent miniatures revolutionary war French. 

And then an excellent ebay find of Foundry Mexicans to move my Fillibusters figures into some Maximillian adventure directions. Somehow though, I just didn't feel up to starting to paint. A weeks holiday in Spain was enjoyed with the extended family but when I got back I felt rubbish. Headaches and fatigue had been bothering me all summer and so I went to see the Doctor....

And found myself admitted to Hospital. I spent a week undergoing a whole load of tests and it turns out I was actually pretty ill and if I hadn't bothered to go to the GP, it could have become far more serious (ie potentially fatal). The trouble was that my hospital stay overlapped with my starting a new job (I forgot to tell you. I got a new job in a lovely new school!) Luckily I only missed one day of inset....

But on the first day of school proper I managed to do this to myself. Yep. That is a finger missing it's tip. No I don't know where the missing bit went. 
So, off to the hospital again, this time to see the lovely plastic surgeons. It's all stitched up now but it'll take a while to heal. 

Then it was time for the Devon wargames group very own Lardy day. Clotted Lard. This took place in a new venue and was the first time I'd seen a lot of the club members since May so I had a lot of explaining to do with regards to my finger and other medical complaints. However the day was a great success and Super Charlie finally got a chance to play in the Warlords game.

The Warlords are going to get another run out at Virtual Lard at the end of October. This means they've had about 40 different people play the game by the time that's done. That's pretty impressive. Everyone that's played so far have had a great game and thoroughly enjoyed themselves so I reckon all that hard work of getting the game on the table is well worth it.

So it's on to the next project. I'm signed up for Winter Wonder Lard in February in Bristol so I want to bring something new. I've got two choices so far. One is to go back to Napoleon bobbing about in Italy and to aid in that I bought myself some Hussars. I figured this would be a good project to get me back into painting after all my trubulations.

They are Trent figures again. The horses only have one pose and the riders don't fit but that can be solved by a big blob of greenstuff.

But the characterful faces and the slightly silliness of the figures have me all enthused....

Didn't stop starting on some Celt-Iberians and considering them as an alternative game to put on though did it? When will I ever learn?


  1. Sounds like you've been in the wars! I hope you're feeling better now. The warlords game looks fantastic. Good luck with the hussars!

  2. Jeepers. What a story. Tribulations indeed! I am glad to hear that you got all the medical attention you needed in a timely way. I hope your finger doesn't interfere too much with painting.


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