Finally seeing Forest through the trees

I left you last time with a finished armoured car and a breezy air of someone that everything in hand and all the time in the world. That turned out to be a load of bollocks. Sometime before the holidays a opportunity of a new appeared out of thin air and suddenly a load of time and effort went on prepping for the time out of work, the lesson I had to teach at interview and prepping for the interview itself. All my lovely planning went out the window. It was made worse by all the celebrating we did when I actually got the job!

All of a sudden, OML was 2 less than 2 weeks away, I hadn't finished painting the figures and I hadn't even started sorting out the board!

First up I start making a load of mess by painting and rubbing some fleece and teddy bear fur in order to get it hung up so It could dry.

Then it was on to finishing the buildings and creating bases for them. I ended up with three compounds. Two houses/shops and one factory.

It kind of feels like I skipped though this stage but the factory was scratch built and all the wall areas and ground work required texturing. Drying times and faffing about meant that this took me a while.

Once they were undercoasted the buildings needed painting so it came the trusty brushes and it was drybrushing in the sunshine time. The buildings with teh timber frames took the longest time to do and there are still details on the scratch builds that I need to go back to and finish.

Grass, tufts and a bit of westhering later and we were nearly there.

With a rush of blood to the head, I also decided to build a hill with a budhist statue hidden in the trees at the summit. This was made alongside a set of tree stands that matched.

Then comes the fun job of laying it all out on the board and judging whether it all fits and looks right, Adjustmenst were made, roads were straightenrd, kinks were ironed out.

Then it was on to finishing the last few figures, those bloody horses!

And two nights of basing....
Night one....

And night two....

I even found time to make a set of cards to play the game with....

I've got the blinds to complete and a couple of extra surprises to add but I'm happy that I can now run the game on saturday without any major missing pieces!


  1. Great post, the buildings look great.

  2. It's all come out really well, especially given the time limits. And congratulations on the new job!

  3. It's amazing what a deadline will do! Fantastic job. I love the statue in the hills.


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