Scabby Huts

As part of the terrain for my Filibusters games I wanted to make some peasants huts that might be found outside the main town. The sort of thing that might be found abandoned as the Filibusters head further into Mexico.

I built a set of three out of MDF (3mm with a 2mm base) and glued them together using PVA. (What would we do without PVA?)

I strengthened them internally with some scrap wood to support the corners so that they didnt collapse as they dried.

I then used matchsticks to shape out the outline of the windows and doors before I cladded the outside in wood. In this case I used splints knicked from the science dept. This gives me a nice rough wood finish.

Look at all my splints!

Once the glue was dry on the cladding it was just a case of trimming them to length with a pair of scissors. I then used the matchsticks to build little fence areas round the edge of the base.

Next was to build the thatched roofs. They were built using cardboard from a cereal packet with lengths of matching sticks glued across it is wooden ceiling supports. Over the top of this is glued a section of teddy bear fur. Actually two sections so that the grain of the fur is running in the correct direction on both sides of the roof.
The fur is the given a PvA shampoo to stiffen it and make it sit permanently correctly.

Once that's done I gave the huts an undercoat of brown (Halfords Camouflage Brown) and then dry brushed with lighter browns until I got to an acceptable level. Sand is added to the base and dry brushed with foundry base sand. Then tufts are added. Only once this is done the roofs can be glued on. And jobs a Good'un!



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