Coming up the other side of the Slump Valley.

Lockdown hasn't been great for my productivity. My annual painting slump appears to have coincided with being stuck in doors for a couple of months. As you can imagine, this was bloody frustrating. However I appear to be clawing my way out of the Slump at long last. The start was forcing myself to complete a little challenge over on Scale creep.

It was fairly simple, paint 5 figures for a Mordheim Warband, but it seems to have kickstarted my painting brain. So much so in fact that I finished another 3 units for my Filibuster project.

Another unit of Mexican Regulares, A canon and crew and a Unit of Militia.
This leaves me with another unit of Militia to do (on it's way from Foundry), a small unit of Cavalry and some officers to complete. My mate Rochie is painting up some Presidial troops for me as well.

Thats what I've completed so far. Once the remaining figures are done I just need to do a bit more scenery (a couple of more buildings, fields and enclosures) and scatter terrain (cacti and rocky outcrops) and the whole game will be ready to roll for Clotted Lard III (which is cancelled because of Covid......bugger)


  1. Grest looking figures. The lockdown has been very good to me, painting wise anyway!

  2. Great to see the brushes out.. Painted loads but really need to get some games in now.
    The Mexican's look great.

  3. That Mordheim warband has great presence with that vampire.


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