The Fabulous Flexible 28mm Spanish Tercio

The latest addition to my Dutch Revolt collection is a big chunk or Spanish Pikemen. They are a mix of Gamezone and Citadel (plus the odd Foundry and Warlord figure).

Now that I've got these done it means that I've got a fair few options when it comes to playing games with them.

If I add some shot either side (Sleeves of shot or 'Manga's' to give them their spanish name) then it gives me a nice large tactical battlefield unit which in real life would be made up of several companies. Companies would be about 100-150 men strong and a regiment such as the one above might be made up of anywhere between 4 and 10 companies (or more). If I pluck for 7 companies that gives me a scale of around about 1:25 (i.e. one man in the unit would be the equivalent of 25 men in real life.

Alternatively the tercio would have the Manga's Bastioned on the corners like the pic above. Not quite sure how that works in a game but It looks pretty cool.

So game wise I can use these figures in a variety of ways. Above would be how they could be used in Warlords Pike and Shotte. A block of Arqubusiers and a Large block of Pike. Together with some light cavalry they'd make up a brigade.

Dividing the pike block in two and moving some of the shot around this gives us a decent company for Pikeman's Lament. Two units of pike, two units of shot and a unit of Forlorn Hope shot.

Alternatively I can organise them like above for Sharply Buffed / Sharp Practice. We have 3 groups of pike, 2 groups of shot and 1 group of veteran, skirmishing shot. Plus of course some Big Men to help keep the troops in line.

Then of course there is Donnybrook, which is a lot more flexible about how you arrange your troops but I like 8's.

And the best thing is I've got another unit to paint up at some point! Huzzah!


  1. Hell ya dude these are looking great!!!!!

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a multi figure based set useful in so many different situations/rule sets. Well done

  3. Lovely enmasse goodness. Well done.

  4. They look very nice, and very versatile!

  5. Very nicely done. Don't know much about renaissance warfare, but that tercio formation looks very exotic!

  6. Wonderful job, colorful and beautiful...and impressive flags!

  7. Nice pike and shot unit, they look great,I like the multi use option and the sabot basing.
    Best Iain

  8. Looking good, but shot should be 1 or 2 for every pike. My own tercios have 64 pike, 64 shot and 16 sword and shield organised into 16s as building blocks of the higher formation of the tercio itself.


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