The Boys at Boyl (but 1st WHW!)

My team enter the dark caverns
As you may already know if you tead Axiom's blog, rather than dive straight into BOYL, it has become almost traditional for the boys to meet up at Warhammer world on the Friday and indulging in some old school gaming under the very nose of the newly fluffy and not corporate at all, Gw.

The Ratling Inquisitor plays peek-a-boo

The plan; as written down, printed out and photocopied by Jon, was for us all to play linked Shadow war armageddon games on the best tables at WHW. Each of us had our gangs/teams etc ready to go and we started the first game as we patiently waited on news of the Septics abilities in the British traffic.
Gangers fan out 

The first game saw Curis and I taking on JB and Jon on the gorgeous mining facility board. It turns out that its harder to play on than you'd think. Line of sight is an absolute bugger, causing lots of bending over and squinting at odd angles.

Sneaky little shits
My sniper attempted to get some early shots

Those walkways are damned slippery!

Essentially I made no head way and failed a bottle test fairly early on. CUris fought on for some time but we were onto a loser.
Asslessman's Gangers strut about looking awesome.

A close-up of some more of Axiom's ratlins inquisition team.

Oh shit! Circle the wagons!
My second game was again against Axioms Ratlings but this time we got to take a specialist. I took a marine (i think it counts as a Deathwatch marine) and Jon took a combat servitor type nasty.

Send in the freak!
This one was an ambush scenario and my kill team was deployed in the middle of the board. Axiom's inquisitorial team was deployed round about ready to pour nastiness onto my crew.

We're small but we can shoot straight!

The game developed into a horribly bloody affair. Shots were flying in every direction. The specialists were almost the first to be killed on both teams but almost every model was hit at least once during the firefight.

Everybody do the Conga!
I had almost nothing to answer the storm Bolter (that looks suspiciously like a heavy bolter) and we ended up chasing each other round the limited amount of cover in the centre of the board.

DAkka! DAkka!
The game swung back and forth with one minute it looking like my guys were gonna get pummelled and the next Axiom's were all lying with their faces in the dirt.

Not on my face again! My poor nose!
Bizarrely, neither team failed their bottle checks throughout so it came down who was going to be left standing in the end. Slowly the teams were whittled down until I was finally able to take out the final ratling and took the game.

This is a handy little spot. 
The last game was against Asslessman and his gangers. This was a loot capture game and there were 5 counters on the board.

The gangers approach the hiding place of the crucial loot
The way the counters were placed meant that both teams easily secured two counters each which meant that individuals were strung out across the board picking up loot leaving the rump of both gangs to go after the deciding loot counter.

Donna does her own thing. I think she'll be keeping her loot for herself. After all, who's going to argue?
In order to get a hold of the loot Asslessman's gang had to expose themselves in front of three of my gang members who had got themselves into cover in a building directly opposite. Two more of my gangers then hustled across the street in order to wrestle the loot from it's hiding place.

Shots splatter around the Gangers causing death and injuries but they still fight their way to the objective repeatedly.
Again and again the gangers clambered up the wrecked building, managing to drag the loot a couple of inches at a time only to be blasted into the ground yet again. The gang leader returned to try and bolster his team but he was the next target and he was beaten to the ground by my charging crusader.

My crusader charges the gang boss in the climax of the game.
After that Asslessman's gang finally failed a bottle check and legged it leaving me with 3 loot counters to his two.
Posing next to the loot but they didn't manage to keep it long.

And this was only the start of the weekends gaming......


  1. My only regret from my time in the UK was not getting to game against a few of you guys at WHW, yourself, JB and Axiom. Next time :)

    1. It was difficult to get everyone equal playtime with the different factions! But we could soak up the communal fug we generated :)

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. Great tables, but fantastic gangs!

  3. Lots of fun! I really enjoyed the Inq v Inq match up, suitably bloody & cinematic!

  4. The piece of cake turned into quite a butchery !!!
    Poor choices were made but fun was had !

  5. A great read and an inspired Aenur Sword of Twilight

  6. Great gangs and great terrain. I agree about Aenur. The table looks cool but hard to play on.

  7. I have to assume that even the most grizzled not at all corporate suits at Warhammer World smile when they see such lovely bits of freshly painted history galavanting across their tables. The crusty pinstripe exteriors notwithstanding there must surely be those who remember about. And those as don't recall . . . those are such beautiful miniatures painted with such skill and care anyway that it should please anyone, really. And they look ACE on those tables! :)

    1. They do, although I've never seen any wearing a suit!

    2. In this case I suppose suit might be taken to mean "clothing." As opposed to the barbarians that reportedly used to run the place, wearing nothing but scraps of fur and the blood of their enemies. ;-)

      Though I did recently hear a story about fellows in a suit having a conversation with an American gent named Gygax once. Pinstripes, probably. I have to assume. Probably charcoal grey three piece. Perhaps with a carnnation and a bowler. Anyway . . .


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