Big RT game

This was our big sunday RT game. It had started off as me and Mr Papfakis having a small game but it quickly developed into nearly a dozen guys and their toys. I'm not going to go into depth as both Mr Papafakis and AirborneGrove have both done a good job of writing up the game so you can wander over to them to read the words. All i'm going to do is leave you with some pictures so that yo can see the actions from my side of the table. Have fun.


  1. so amazingly inspirational! That looks like an fantastic game!!!

  2. Great "batrep" Colin :P

    You took quite a lot of fantastic shots! Lovely to see the battle from the different angles.

    The guy with the claw arm, in green. Is he a conversion or an "as bought" mini? He looks nasty!

    Thanks for the pics mate :)

    1. He's a conversion from a Foundry pirate, which is fitting, i made him ages ago. There is a blog post featuring him. I think its called 101 things to do with modelling tools

  3. Every new pic of this game is pure joy. Love it!

  4. I can't get enough pics of this game. I like how we have slowly been working our way around the table via blogposts. ;)

  5. Absolutely fabulous pictures. This is RT the way it was meant to be done. All Praise the Space Pudding!


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