Saturday night Special 

A particularly Dangerous part of the Drakwald Forest
What else are you going to do on a dark and rainy night in March but go Round to Snickets house with Erny and Robotforaday and play a game Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay as a tabletop game? 
Well that's exactly what we did, and much fun was had by all.......

The grand Vizier points out the interesting sights to his long suffering bodyguards (who are definitely not Kislevite. Maybe) 
A grumpy Trollslayer accompanies a wizard on important imperial Business (shh! He's in disguise!)
Two soldiers of fortune try and avoid the draft and at the same time get themselves a drink
But wait who is this barring the way of our war weary Heroes? Ruffians demanding money? We'll be having none of that!
The road warden approaches the Ginger Dwarf and as soon as the phrase 'Strip Search' is mentioned the Wizards disguise is discarded in favour of waving important pieces of paper around. Needn't have bothered dressing up really.
Meanwhile, some Brexiteers have spied the Furriners and take umbridge at the lack of Grand Vizier jobs in this part of the Drakwald Forest.
Charging round the side of the barrier (Haha! You didn't think of that one did you!) Gunther destroys the fat robber with a wonderful spout of blood and the sound of important bones being snapped in several parts. His Dwarf companion gets nothing for his trouble but a crossbow bolt in his arm. 
After convincing the road warden to help him to reach the Inn, the wizard and his companion see some oddly glowing eyes appear from the woods. They are swiftly set upon by a pack of rabid chaos hounds. 'Oh this can't be good' 
One of the robbers runs off down the road after seeing fatboy getting off with a big nasty sword, so Gunther charges at the last one who is merrily beating the dwarf around the head with his club. Needless to say Gunther and his short companion both end up showered in blood and gore and Gunther earns himself a surname, Armschneider.
Not to be out done, the Viziers guards spend several rounds gently prodding the Brexiteers (and teasing them about their knowledge of ecnomics) before getting bored and slicing the head off one (which went sailing off into the trees) and roundly beating the other to death with a particularly heavy brass Telescope......
.....the corpse was soon of great interest to some more Chaos Hounds....
Which led the Viziers party to hurry down the road and straight into some actual chaos chappies. Proper thugs they appeared to be as well!
After some well aimed Fireballs had vanquished the Hounds (leaving a particularly nasty smell of burnt dog) a couple angry gentleman appeared on small hill and started to berate the wizards party about their treatment of poor defenseless animals and shout odd inquiries about the legitimacy of the parties parental unions.    
The Viziers party were not about to be delayed in their journey to the Inn any further so proceeded to deal with the chaos chappies rather harshly, one was cut in two by a particularly effective strike from the halberd. That'll teach him to not wear any armour this early in the spring!
Having had quite enough of the abuse coming from the mouthy gits on the hill. The Trollslayer stormed up to them, eviscerated the first and then, turning his attention to a new arrival, buried the blade of his axe into his forehead. 
Gunther, on the other hand, was just getting into his stride. Not only had he dealt with the two chaos hounds that had appeared, slobbering and chomping, out of the woods but he then dealt with one of the Centaurs that charged out shortly afterwards. His Dwarven companion did his best to make use of his skills and snuck along the edge of the wood hoping not to get noticed.
More Thugs appeared out of the woods and the Wizard flung flaming balls of magic at them, scoring several direct hits which left them even more grumpy and slightly on fire. The Road Warden continued to prove why he wasn't a pistolier in the imperial army and missed every shot.
Gunther was really enjoying himself now, despite the road being slick with entrails and blood he still managed to down the first of another pair of Centaurs (which the Dwarf kindly put out of it's misery by burying his axe in it's head) but he then managed to turn round and gut the second one as it charged him. He realised he was quite good at this soldiering lark.
With a freakish bellow (half way between Jamie Oliver and a Party Whsitle) a mighty Chaos Champion burst from through undergrowth. Deciding that he was a TROLLslayer and not a MIGHTY CHAOS CHAMPION slayer, the dwarf legged it towards the Inn.
Seeing Beastmen of Ghastly hues advancing towards them through the trees, even Gunther decided that he's probably used up all his luck and urge his stout companion to make a dash for the Inn.
Safe (for the moment) inside the walls of the Inn, the adventurers remembered their wits and the true reason that they had traveled so far through the forest to this isolated Inn.
A dwarven thief, the cousin of Gunther's companion had offered them both work, but he had been accosted by the Vizier and his men who were demanding the return of a gem of some sort.....
The arguments grew heated as some argued that they should organise the occupants of the Inn intro some kind of fighting unit to deal with the Chaos Warband outside the gate.....
Just as Gunther and his friend were about to intercede on the cousins behalf there came a might roar. The Trollslayer ran the length of the courtyard and with a mighty leap, caved the Dwarfs head in so hard that some brains squirted out his ears. For it was he that had caused the Trollslayer to lose face and enter his quest for a heroic death. Gunther and his friend turned on their heals whistling a jaunty tune and went off to find if the Inn had a back door.


  1. Just checked, it ticks all the boxes for a proper fun game. You can procede.

  2. Excellent idea, worked out very well it seems! May have to steal it 😀

  3. wow! can i ask you how/where did you get those roads? they're quite good!

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  5. I must point out that the credit for the table goes to Erny and Snicket and the scenario and GMing to Erny himself. Well done boys.

  6. Awesome stuff here WK. I used to do this a bit with Heroquest.

  7. Amazing work, the models, scenery, gameplay and scenario are all perfect for fun gaming. Very jealous! I'd love to have a go at wftp in a game like this.

  8. It's been a long while (15years+) since I did something similar. Just awesome fun. The table looks excellent and some really lovely "Oldhammer" minis too!

  9. It was loads of fun, definitely something I'd like to repeat (if my dear brother doesn't mind putting in the hard work again).

    Thanks for coming over again WP

  10. Great stuff - it looks like a lot of fun and takes me back to the games I used to play when I was 14 again!

  11. Okay, that was very fun and cool to read through. Some great pics of nostalgia-inducing minis. I really need to set up a game like this.

  12. Very cool! Fun story, gorgeous terrain, and of course, a luvvely clutch of classic minis! Really nice!

  13. This was a good game, wasn't it?


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