The O-Team

"In M40.972, a crack commando unit was sent to a death world for a crime they almost certainly did commit. These Ogryn promptly ate all the deadly animals and plants on the planet and were taken under the wing of a friendly Commissar. Today, still used by the Imperium, they survive as soldiers that cost a fortune (in food bills and damages).
If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you should send in.....The O Team."

Told you I had something win the pipeline. I finally got round to painting up my Olley Ogryns. These are some classic sculpts. Two of them are singe piece and the rest have separate arms but they are such characterful figures, I really cannot wait to get them onto a battlefield.

Bob Olley did another coupe of figures, one just holding a hammer and another with a hood and a mace but the guys above are all armed with Ripper guns and, lets face it, nobody wants a bunch of Ogryns unless they have an arm full of Ripper gun.

Bob did some more Ogryns after this but for some reason they were made with separate heads and back pieces and they just don't have the character that these guys do. I just love the idea of these hulking brutes getting dropped into the worst of the combat and kicking ass.

The whole concept of an Ogryn Commando unit sneaking in to a target and then causing complete havoc with berserk fury and thundering gun fire makes me squeal with delight. You can see the Sarge say 'Shh! We need to nee sneaky!' as the results over their rampage sizzle and burn around them.

I'm so getting a new phone as soon as I'm offered an upgrade!

But there has to be a Commissar ready to give the big guys guidance and advice and fight for their right to squish stuff in the officers meetings.  I might pair these guys up with a unit of Ratlings to give them some covering fire. That would be a force to be reckoned with!


  1. Classic miniatures: they were one of the units I pined for but could never afford when I got into 40k. You've certainly done them justice!

  2. Cor! What a lovely hulking heavy load of lead. They look excellent.

  3. Perfect eye candy for my monday morning!

  4. Fab. The intro was great.

    Do you know what goes really well with Ogryns, Ratlings and Commissars?


  5. Wooow! They are so charming!

  6. Brilliant work. I collected all of the orgyns Olley did a few years back as they are classic figures. Have managed to paint 3 - seeing the great job you have done might inspire me...

  7. Oh, freaking birlliant! But you need to do one more. One with so many gold chains you're not sure how he can stand up. ;-) (B. A. was my brother's favorite character on that show. I particularly liked Face, but maybe partly because he was also Starbuck.) That's a great show with lots of awesome that you've made there.

    I do not have all the old Olley ogryn. All I have is one and a pair of matching middle-hammer examples, one of which I hacked apart and Olley-ized. But I never have figured out what to do with that second one. Or the Jes Goodwin ogre, for that matter. I kind of want to science him up . . . but . . . I haven't been able to make myself do it yet. Might just call him a civilian, paint him, and be done with it. Or maybe I'll give him some jewelry. ;-) Will have to see.


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