At last - some green!

I've been putting off the prep for BOYL for some time. No real idea why, just couldn't get my head into the painting game but I'm well on my way now. In fact I only have two more figure to paint and I'm there. 

For the Journey to the east game that Thansants is putting on (He's subbing for Lenihan) I've painted up my half orcs. Yes I did tell you about them. A long time ago.

In fact they used to look like this.

But after a lot of faffing about I now have this groovy looking bunch of cut-throats!

The cool thing about these guys is that not only do they make a nice little gang for the BOYL game (which I'll be coming on late as I have the Electric Sheep game with JB first) but I can also use them as a mercenary/allie unit for various armies. For instance they can fit with a hobgoblin / orc army no problem but that can also be used with a bretonnnian army! Just imagine the nobles turning there noses up at that!

The unit is led by Agaroth the Unwashed and if I've got time I'll paint up a shaman as well. That way I'll have two characters so that if I want to deploy the boys as two units of 10 then they'll have a character with each.

Of course the Half-orcs themselves aren't going to win me any battles so they'll be led onto the battlefield by my big nasty Back orcs. Some of Bob Olley's finest.

And backed up by a big mean Swamp Troll.


  1. Top stuff mate! Good to see them finally painted, although I can sympathise whole-heatedly with the painter's block - the last minute rush I'm subjecting myself to is testament to that!

    I guess that Agaraoth the Unwashed must also be after that mythical Cathayan ointment known as Sham Puh, just like my Hobgoblin Warlord, Vidhal Timotei... ; )

    I was thinking about how we could get your boys into the action quickly as they're joining the game late - how does a special Sneak rule sound - they can deploy up to 24" into the table anywhere on the board, but not within charge distance of any units already on the table. Was there a similar rule for deploying scouts or advance forces in the 3rd ed rule book? I don't have it to hand at the mo.

  2. Delicious looking crew of vagabonds they be!


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