Colony 87

Axiom over at Magpie and old lead has done that thing that many gamers dream of doing. He had a dream of getting some figures made that meet his own personal specification. In this case he wanted some civilians to fit into a sci-fi setting. He got designs done. He got minis sculpted and he set up a kickstarted

And the figures arrived through the post on Wednesday. 

Here you can see the glorious little treasures in all their tiny beauty.

Obviously I couldn't stop myself from getting the paints out and slapped some pigment on this fabulous chap.

Well done Jon! I'm so looking forward to the next set! 


  1. Great job! Is that the first painted one to hit the internet? I'll be waiting a bit longer for mine as they wing their way to the antipodes.

  2. These are great figures, and that paint job is amazing. It really brings out the ostentatious character of the piece without being gaudy.

    I was completely unaware of that Kickstarter somehow, no bad thing as I'd have to resist the sci-fi! Really glad that it's happened though, they're great concepts and brilliantly realised. The only "problem" with it is that with them all being so characterful and unique it really needs another 20 or so to go with the ones that have been produced...

  3. Grand job the contrast looks great, he leaves some large boots for the other civvies to fill.

  4. Really like the 'water carrier'. Really reminds me of 'Blade Runner' for some reason.

  5. Obviously you had to beat everyone at painting the first model ever ! He's superb with those colours, I really love the combo and his face is just perfect with the right colours and expression.

  6. I picked these ones up too. Curse you for your fast turnaround time on painting things!


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