Lots of things on my plate at the moment and I may be in danger of over stretching myself but you know what that mini mojo is like! First up, I've started a challenge on the Oldhammer forum. The idea is that people pick a fantasy miniature of a type that they've never painted before and have a go. We are looking at getting a hundred entries and we are already at 10 so get yer brushes out and get an entry in quick. Here is my first entry Rildo the Crafty. My first ever theif!

I've also decided I was going to paint up 20 gangers to use in Judge Dredd. I figured I'd need a street gang.
First session I got all the flesh done.

Then some of the basic colours.

And they are currently like this. If I get another decent session I reckon I'll get them finished.

I haven't forgotten my Scavvies. I got another of the confrontation figures done but I haven't based him yet.

And I converted up another three one of whom was a figure donated by axiom in the Oldhammer Salvation challenge (I dropped him and his original head popped of him so I thought why the hell not!)

I've also got this Thunderchild miniatures big Mutie to finish as well.

I picked up a dozen of the foundry release of the Oriental Heroes (Tenner on evilbay!)

And along with a box of samurai (7 + 2!) from northstar (there was a sale on) I'm going to get these painted for a game of Osprey's Ronin.

Of course being me, I've given myself a deadline to get all of these done. The end of the month. Yup 12 days away! Wish me luck!

In addition to all this, while my pupils busied themselves with sanding (there are only so many times you can tell them how they are doing it wrong)  I built myself a little doodad!

Using scrap MDF again I built some pillars and glued an upper and lower level.

I added a load of recut MDF scraps (it's designed to bend hence the precut ridges) which gave a lovely texture.

Added various offcuts of bits to give some detailing.

And hey presto we have a two level walkway. I deal for everyday folks walking about in during any random sic-fi based skirmish wargame you care to mention.

And here a couple of likely lads wander along it before it's fully completed.

And here they can be seen playing a futuristic version of hide and seek.

I them cut the whole thing into three section to make it more flexible, connecting buildings or simply to get different sizes. Painting next.


  1. Your productivity is amazing. I've finished two figures and retouched a third this year, and in the same time, you have all this?

  2. Mate that scenery is the real deal, wish I had skills and tools and material and... well wish I could pull such awesomeness myself !

    Slow claps !

  3. :O That scenery is out of this world! So much awesomeness!

  4. Wow, that walkway is great, and I can already imagine ways to expand it.

    Regarding the figure painting, I do not know how you do it, unless you somehow have another 10 hours a day that I do not...

  5. @ the composer - sorry dude my big fat fingers accidentally deleted your comment!! Much appreciated though (before I made it disappear! :( )
    And thanks for everybody else's comments as well. It's nice to know I'm not just blethering away into the emptiness of cyberspace. Comments are always the best part of blogging!

  6. Some of those Gangers are from Mirlitons range yeah? Been thinking about getting some of those. Lovely paint jobs too!

    Are you planning on making more of that type of scenery? Or is it just a one off you made coz you had the material handy? Either way, it's the bomb! Great work.


    1. The muse just took me! but I've also loads of stuff for ferrograd already however I'd imagine I'll get more done at some point.

  7. Jealousy inducing productivity as ever Colin. So much there worth commenting on. Brilliant.

  8. Let me get this straight, you're targeting to complete 48 models in the space of a week (give or take). That's 13 fewer than my entire output for 2014, and about 40 more than I plan to complete for the month. And you're building some lovely terrain too. You can go off people you know ;)


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