8 days late but Happy New Year anyway

I wasn't going to bother doing a New Year post but listening to Radio4 someone was suggesting that it was a privilege and occasionally a duty to examine your life occasionally just to give yourself  a better perspective on your own self image.

But then we are here to talk about toy soldiers so lets not get carried away.

So lets look back before we look forward. I made a similar post last year in which I thought out loud about what I'd achieved. In 2013 I had managed to paint 173 figures. I had said that I'd wanted to paint 210 in 2014. I made mental calculation about a month a go of this years output so please excuse me for a second while I work out if I was correct.

dum de dum.....

Ok that's bizarre, turns out that I've painted 173 again. Weird. Seems I failed.

Some highlights

I did however build quite a lot of terrain as well so that must count towards some kind of total

I also said that I wanted to play more games. I think I've managed that.
I played 16 games of various types last year. Which averages just over one a month. That's pretty good going. Dare I say that I'm going to up the figure this year? I think I'll be bullying and pleading with the OGRE bunch in the coming months as well as arranging games for BOYL15.

Lets not forget that my wife and I were blessed with Hamish only 11 weeks ago, he has certainly kept us busy.

So what am I going to try and do in the coming 12 months. Well first of all I'm going to visit a doctor, 4 kids is enough! However you probably don't need to know that.

Miniatures and wargaming wise. As I write this I am wrestling with the need to order some of the Ronin packs from Northstar as they are on discount just now and I quite fancy a bit of Kurosawa type action (the A fist full of kung fu mini's glowering at me form the cupboard however are trying to convince me otherwise).

I need to get some figures painted for the Tale of several gamers challenge as I am behind and the reason I'm behind is that I'm trying to get my scavvies painted for using at the end of the month and I keep doing other things like painting imperial army and Doctor who figures instead.

So I must get some kind of fantasy arm to a playable level this year. I simply must! (lol)

I want to get more of the Dutch revolt figures painted and used in a larger game. Should be possible.

I want to see if a can clear the decks of my RT miniatures, I feel so guilty seeing them sitting there unpainted.

I want to stop buying as much stuff and get more painted. The wife being on maternity leave will help!

I want to finish more historical/fantasy terrain, a river, some fields, a graveyard, some more buildings, as well as add some scatter terrain/barricades to Ferrograd to make the terrain a little denser for games likes Confrontation.

Games wise, I want to get another couple of games of Lion Rampant if I can. I want to get involved in a campaign of some sort, locally, if I can and I want to get as many games in as I can.

Lets see how well I've done this time next year.


  1. Not sure 173 models counts as a failure, my output for the year consisted of 4.5 dragons, 2 squats and a killdozer. I can't even count the giant because i didnt finish it till 2015 ;) i look forward to seeing what the next year brings! :D

  2. I'm up to 51 since the turn of the year!

    10 High Elf Archers, 10 Empire Crossbowmen, 2 Great Eagles, 2 Repeater Bolt Throwers with 2 crew each, 1 Empire Grey Wizard, 1 High Elf Mage on foot, 1 High Elf Mage on Unicorn, 1 High Elf General, 6 High Elf Silverhelms and 13 Swordmasters..................

    It's do-able but mainly because I'm pushing myself as later in year my own mini me will arrive and then I doubt I'll get much done.

    I'd say you've daone a fair amount, don't knock yourself too hard!

  3. In all honesty you output for 2014 is absolutely brilliant in both quality and quantity (and diversity).

  4. Decent amount of figures for the year (better than me anyway). Particularly liked the Strontium Dog and Patrick Troughton figures, very nice paintjobs.

  5. Your mix of figures, quality of paint jobs and all round 'style' is very inspirational... and then you go and make a shed load of cracking terrain too. 2014 should count as a a triumph in my view. Oh, and I love the adventurer with cybernetic arm. I keep trying to find one ;)

  6. 173 beats me. Not by quite as much as it beats Crookshanks, but I've had worse years than CC's 2014 as well, so that may only be luck. On the other hand, I count my terrain, so maybe I'm not nearly as close as I'd like to be. Well done sir. Well done.


    Do you eat? Holy crap! I'm up to two figures, a dozen easy trees, and a couple of small industrial structures so far this year. And I thought I was BLAZING away at this, since I've had some time off.

    1. Years ago, when Catch Me if You Can came out, my friend dubbed me 'Crookshanks' because I bore a (very small) resemblance to Tom Hanks at the time, and he idolised Leonardo DiCaprio (before it was cool for guys to like him, still too close to Titanic and well before Blood Diamond etc). 2015 will be Crookshanks year to shine, just you wait!! ;)

    2. It's amazing how focused the mind gets when you realise you're running out of time before you have to devote almost all of your free time to your first born, they're immanent arrival hasn't half motivated me to splash the paint on stuff!!!


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