The first of the tribe

If I keep this pace up I'll have the buggers painted in no time. First of the scavvy tribe. 


  1. Wow, you're fair dinkums' cracking 'em out!

  2. Great work both on Da Kyng and this fella.
    Didn't manage to comment last night 'cause I came back from Necromunda game pretty late ^^

    As for the boss - you did damn well work but as for me I don't think I would dare to sacrifice such a classic model, even for Scavvies... ;)

    1. Ha ha! He's been sitting around in various boxes for years, I'm just glad I finally found a use for him :)

    2. Damn!

      Let me know if you ever find such oldie models you have no use for - like scummers or boundy hunters... :-p

  3. He looks awesome. I hope you can keep up this level of progress too, I wanna see more of these degenerate freaks!


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