Inquisitor and friends

In an idle moment before the arrival if mini whiskey no.4, I decided to use the random inquisitor rules to roll up a Warband for a figure I bought at the hitchin table top sale. 

Obviously WIP

I figured if the OGRE group started playing RT games then it'd be a good excuse to paint up a new Warband as well as more classic figures. 

I rolled up 
1 human hero

I had quite a few possible candidates but went for the above figure with his natty space helmet and built in targetter

1 assassin
Very WIP

The Jes Goodwin classic Rogue Trader assassin is a must!

4 marines
One nearly done, 3 to go

I figured this was the perfect opportunity to do some mercenary marine types and started looking for some figures and managed to get a hold of 3 of the 'armour variant' figures and a particularly mean looking 'Christmas marine'. They all look the part, power armoured psychos willing to do an inquisitors bidding for the right price.

More to follow as I get them painted. 


  1. Wow! That Marine in green is really a great sculpt and the paintjob really brings out the awesome of the model.

    Rest of the stuff is top notch too of course, but I never saw that perticular Marine painted before and have not really had any high thoughts about it previously.

    I have a couple of the artificer armours myself, but I am not sure I have this one. I must dig through my leadpile and have a look now.

  2. He is a really nice figure. I do wonder what the history of him is as his bolt gun and side arm are very similar to some of the much older sculpts from the RT range. They are a bit of a mystery.


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