Apart from basing I've managed to finish up my citi-def unit for Judge Dredd, another game that wants to be played. Although some of the mongoose figures are nice (I really like the apes!) I couldn't justify spending loads of cash on a whole load of new figs that I wasn't entirely convinced by and that I also had a perfectly good set of figures for. The citi-def are all from the copplestone castings future wars range, mostly neo-soviets with some scavengers. I've had these figures for ages and I'm really chuffed to finally get them painted. I did a bit of green stuffing for the lettering and some elbow and knee pads for that 2000ad look. 
If these rabid gun nuts get a bit carried away and decide to start a block war the judges will be round sharpish to sort the out. 
As you can see the boys are from Rip Torn Block. The scummers from Angela Lansbury Block better watch out! Hopefully I'll be having a game next week. So keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Lovely. Love the 2000AD styled shoulder and knee pads. Really makes them fit in Dredds world.

  2. Stonkingly good stuff. Love the colour scheme and hadn't thought of using Copplestone Castings this way before. Nice work. I really like the rust effect on your background too, I can almost hear that doorway creak as you open it :-) Just done a batrep with Judges in it if you're interested? Its here:
    Looking forward to see yours in action soon.

  3. They look great & really look the part. I love the 2000AD details you added. Brilliant, I can't wait to see them in action.

  4. Nice work on the CD. I love those copplestone figures, so any sighting of them is welcome, particularly when they are as good as these!

  5. Great looking conversions and paint jobs, very tasty. Jealous you have 2 Street Judges I'm missing though Booo Hiss


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