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With the birth of a miniature Whiskey becoming ever more imminent as well as the less exciting return to work it appears that I will have to curtail my wargaming gallivanting for the time being. I cannot justify being away from the waddling one as she is finding this pregnancy more difficult and she is finding it hard to deal with our 18 month old son while carrying around what appears to be a small elephant as well. I've already had to turn done the lovely Lenihan who wanted to play a game reflecting the forthcoming referendum. If anybody is in the cambridge area on the weekend of the 13th/14th and want a game, get in touch through his blog. He's a lovely chap and hardly ever bites.
An evening of gaming, like the one that we have planned at Erny's next month will have to be the extent of my gaming activities for some time. However, I have a plan.

The two guys that I have played with for longest, Neil and Linz, have both had games that could be developed into ongoing storylines. I know Linz in particular is a sucker for a good story arc. These guys have had the pleasure of knowing me for 27 years so if I can't convince them to come and visit our brand new baby (and have a cheeky game) then I'll just have to use guilt instead!

The Tale of Osiris Klunge

 Osiris has inadvertently come to the attention of the imperial authorities. As a dealer in xenos artifacts he preferred to keep his trade on the down low but the unfortunate incident at Scumsville meant that he was suddenly on the radar. Even while trying to keep himself out of the way, trouble, in the form of a space marine kill team and the local news team, comes to find him.

So now he's really pissed off the local imperials. Both the marines and the inquisition want his head on an electro-pike. 

He's hired himself some xenos muscle to add to the help Osbert the Blue has been giving him. He's been trawling the seedy dives of the sub-sector trying to gather as many scummers and perps to his cause as he can.

 But will it be enough?

Chaplain Geramof and Captain Gercha of the Space Sharks chapter are the kind of soldiers that terms, 'Seething' and 'Fuming' were invented for. The idea that jumped up petty criminal has bested a team of astartes is almost too much for them to bear. It was almost understandable that the inquisition had managed to stumble into an ambush at Scumsville but to have marines of the Space Sharks bested by scum, in smoking jackets! And yet the inquisition are still interfering. A new inquisitor wants to be the one to take Klunge down and apparently they know where he is, but they're not telling the Sharks. Who'll get to him first? What is Klunge up to? What other degenerates has he managed to lure into his employ. How, exactly, are the space sharks going to kill him?

I've got another squad of marines for the Sharks to paint as well as a Chaplain model for Geramof and a Captain I got from Cheetor at Boyl. The inquisitor model is up for grabs, I might eve get Linz to convert/paint him but as back up I've got a squad of metal imperial guard as well as plastic squad and a commissar to lead them. I'm going to paint up some figures to act as a third party (probably some squat miners) for the next game if can get time to do it. I really want to get a couple of the armour variant marines to use as mercenaries like I talked about in the 'spaysh mureens' post.

Vlag Half-Iron - Desecrator of Falx 

Vlag and his warband have been operating on the skirts of imperial territory and have slowly been building up their strength. As well as the traitor marines he brought with him from the maelstrom he has attracted a rather deadly psychic Zoat.

As well as a troop of traitorous guardsmen. These degenerates have been serving Vlag well and more flock to his banner all the time.

More traitorous guard heading to Vlag's camp

He has recently gathered a coven of cultists to his half metal bosom. They arrived from their backwards feral world with their shields and cudgels and have yet to prove their worth in battle.

Some cultists in need of attention

Zander Van-zant has recovered from the drubbing that Vlag handed to him at Nittin. Even with the unfortunate incident at Gersons Rest, he and his warband are ready to hunt Vlag down and destroy him once and for all.

Van zant's warband before the unfortunate death of Gerson

 The one advantage of the Imperial entanglement at the mining station was that Van zant had attracted a new fighter to his warband. Jankobus is a mysterious man with a shady past but he has vowed to aid Van Zant in the destruction of Vlag for his own reasons.

The games involving Vlag and Van Zant will revolve around their attempts to destroy each other. Van Zant is angry and out for revenge but he's also aware that Vlag will soon be too powerful for him to deal with. 
Vlag for his part isn't aware of Van Zant's true purpose and simply assumed him to be a bandit or pirate. His warband had recovered fairly easily so apart from having to abandon a perfectly good base he isn't to up set and isn't hunting for the Sensei.
I'd like to see this develop for quite a few games as i want to see how the warbands develop.
Renegades waiting for the call to reinforce Vlag's personal crusade
I'm desperate for Van Zant to roll and Ogryn as a follower so that I can paint up one of these bad boys. I think there is a 6th one in the Power Spray dip somehwere.

So thats the plan. Paint an irresistible story so that my old Scumgrods are lured down to visit and have a game that will continue the tale.

Of course, I now have a load of new mates in OGRE and it'd be a lot easier to get an evenings gaming in if we are only a dozen or so miles apart.

Imagine the story lines. 

Think of the scenarios.


  1. Wooo, so cool, pure awesomeness! I love all the tiny details and effort you have put into this.

  2. I fully understand your increasing family time commitments...Kids are great but they make time for gaming and hobby difficult to find! Hang in the my friend!

  3. Dude, anytime you find yourself with an evening to yourself(ish) we can have a game, who knows, maybe a another thread will be added to your narrative with a new set of characters.

  4. Good luck with the incoming, just keep your head down and remember the most important advice; never volunteer for anything!


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