Da Boys

In a follow up to the last post I thought I'd show the naked metal that should eventually become my RT era bloodaxe army.

First up the boss and his power armoured Nobs.


Next, the Oddboys. Two meks and two pain boys. 

The boys with the 'eavy weapons.

The rest of the boys. Enough to make a big mob and 4 mobs. I think I need a single ork sarge type. 

A weirdboyz, his minderz and a mob of madboyz. 

Tinboyz (love these figures!)

Big boyz. I think I've got another one somewhere. 

The dreadmob. They are gonna need a painboy and a mek. 

A runtherd looking for the grotz who left the lifta-Droppa in bits. 

And a whole bunch of placcy orks resplendent in their 80's paint jobs! 

If I'm gonna make this a bloodaxe army then I can use some human adventurers, some Rhino's and I need to find a nice model to use as a human advisor. Any suggestions? 


  1. That's a nice pile of lead.

    I recently painted a Confrontation era Hive Bounty Hunter as a human advisor, but he fits more with a modern, post-apocalyptic ork rather than the uniformed variety. He also looks like Bono :)


    I plan to add some Orlock gangers as his associated human squad. A more military looking type of human auxiliary might be more your thing, but the old RT Boyz that you have are pretty scruffy, so a militia look fits too.

    1. Oh yeah, I've seen your space-bono. I was gonna see if I can find an old Commissar and do a head swap with on of these from max-mini http://maxmini.eu/conversion-bits/head-swaps/junkers-heads-bits just to give him the look from the old illustration the Chico has on his page just now. I'll maybe go for the shouty one. I wonder if they'll be at salute? As for oomies, I've got enough RT figures sitting around for a couple of squads, my general approach is to paint them as generic as possible so that they can be used in other armies or games.

    2. Getting the look like the vaguely Delaque looking advisor from Ere We Go has an appeal alright. Those MaxMini heads are perfect.

      Assuming that you are not determined to use a RT figure for the base model, there are surely lots of greatcoat models out there that might look less recognisable than a Commissar. Or maybe that recognition factor is partly the point I guess. It seems like a shame to hack up an old Commissar though.

      Im a big fan of painting my less identifiable space scumbags in generic gear for use in multiple roles. Time is short, too many projects to get finished and games to get played not to take a generic approach for lots of models.

      Im looking forward to seeing the finished advisor. I have a handful of power armoured orks that I am itching to get painted, so I am looking forward to seeing them get finished too (let me know if you have any spare and we might be able to make a deal :) ).

  2. Very, very nice selection of figures there.
    Tinboyz are just so full of character, unfortunately they go for a small fortune on Ebay.
    And I always loved those rough, tough looking ogryns, I may have some 2nd ed ones kicking around somewhere that have been languishing at the bottom of the bits-box.
    You've got 5 Rogue Trader Ork Dreads!?!... Must admit, I'm a little envious ;)

    I'm possibly headed more toward a 2nd ed army list, unless I can convince members of my group to try out Rogue Trader. I've always wanted to give it a go but never had the chance. I only properly started into the hobby and got my first army as 2nd ed was released.

    Madboyz, oh how I've missed you :)
    I managed to recently pick up enough for a small unit at the moment.

    And I have a handful of Power Armoured Orks that I'm planning of running in 2nd ed Mega Armoured Nobz.

    As far as colour scheme is concerned I'm more than likely going to concentrate on my favourite clan, the Goffs :)

    I've probably got in the region of 12-20 Goff Skarboy/Nob models too. With the ton of 2nd ed plastic Goffs (which I'll probably convert up to get some variety), I've probably got the makings of a decent little force.

    I started a Blood-Axe force in later editions of 40k, so I'm really looking forward to seeing your force come together.

    As an aside, I was rather amused after I commented on your last post that I then came across another post the next morning about some classic Blood-Axes being worked on and the idea of making this Ork Week. I'm gonna use it as an excuse to get some hobby work done:


    Sorry about the massive comment, take care :)

    1. Don't worry about sharing your thoughts, that's what thsi blogging lark is all about. The Bob Olley ogryns are brilliant love em to bits! And my dreads will eventually get the whole backbanner kt and kaboodle.

      I saw chico's post as well. Obviously read mine and was overcome by a wave of orky nostalgia and promptly jumped on the bandwagon! or should that be battlewagon?

    2. I just surprised myself this morning, as I was rummaging through my bits boxes I found 3 complete Shokk Attack Gun Meks and a tub full of snotlings.

      Well, that should be useful *evil grin*


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