A wee celebration!

Just a little post to celebrate  the 10,000th view if this daft little blog. Thankyou all for taking the time to read my blethering! I Have actually had this place since 2007 but up until October last year only 4 people had ever seen my ramblings. Thanks to Snicket for outing me I've since put up 60 odd posts and have helped to order my hobby doings.
Thankyou also to the 56 people who have decided to waste some of their precious time following this blog.
I promise to try and continue to publish stuff  that is at least diverting and if not down right interesting!
Cheers! I'll have a dram to celebrate tonight! 


  1. Aw shucks. Have two.


  2. Good job WP, Smile like a donut :)

  3. Save me a slice with sprinkles on!

  4. Congratulations man, it always feels like an achievement when you get to a big number! I've yet to announce my last one, just totally forgot with all thats going on!


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