Xenos scum!

While watching the video of Ian Livingston and Steve Jackson that Orlygg posted on his Realm of Chaos 80's (see right for the link) blog I sat on my arse in the quiet of the house and took some time to myself. But then got a bit bored. So what does any self respecting 30 something do on a Saturday afternoon while everybody is out? Why paint some miniatures of course!
I finally got some time to finish of some more figs for my possibly-may-never-get-played-but-it-keeps-me-off-the-hooch game of rogue trader. May I present to you Kobloth the Kolostomiser and his crew of xenos mercenary scum! 
Ain't no sneakin' around for these colourful aliens! 
I also got a start on the next bunch. Humies but a bunch of edge-of-space throwback loony type humies! 
Once this lot are done I've another seven figs undercoated and ready to go which just leaves me with a dilemma about the last couple of figs for the time travelling professors companions. I wondered over to the Wargames Foundry site and had a nose through the 2000ad section and quite fancy treating myself to a couple of these. As a christmas present you understand! (would it be heresy to stick an arm with a gun on mean machine?)

2000AD - Sam Slade Robo Hunter - AD026

2000AD - Wulf - AD080
2000AD - Rowjaws - AD0692000AD - Johnny Alpha - AD002

2000AD - Mean Machine - AD003