Monday, 9 January 2017

There's somebody at the door!

With the realisation that the Christmas holidays were almost over I decided I had time to try and squeeze in one last game before going back to the drudgery of work. So of I popped to see my good friend Linz and we busted out the city scenery. No fancy scenario just a bunch of piratical ne-erdowells having their nice hideout raided by a big noisy areshole of an Inquistior. This links into some previous games that i'll do my best to find links to.

The interesting thing here is that we decided to play on a 2x2 board to see if we could get a fun game out of such a small area and it seems that if you crush enough terrain onto the board then it all works swimmingly. On to the fun. 

The boss wasn't happy. He had been giving his hench man loads of silly jobs to do all day, Godbert was convinced it was his hemorrhoids playing up again but he wasn't about to argue while he was waving that plasma pistol around. 

The sentries were doing their best to look interested in their jobs and so far the only thing of note to have happened was Blank Frank shooting some Paleo-pigeons with his heavy stubber.

Suddenly there was a rush form under the Northen walkway, a squad of Guardsmen  accompanying robed figures let loose a volley of shots in all dircetions. The sentries returned fire dropping a couple of guard but the rest of the group kept coming.

Billy Bigballs decided that the easiest thing to do was flame the crap out of the hooded weirdos as they were funneled down into the hideouts entrance.

He was very surprised to find the robed figured rushing at him through the flames. He was even more surprised to find a large sword buried in his forehead.

A call had gone out to the foraging parties and they made their way back to the hideout. One group came up behind the inquisitorial forces and manged to take out a couple of straggling guardsmen.

This left Guardsmen Topper isolated, he excahnged pot shots with gangers on the level below him but only succeeded in taking out one of them.

Any other Guardsman would have been abandoned to his fate but Sgt Wally knew that Topper was one of the good guys and deserved to be rescued. However he paid for his hubris with a hail of blaster bolts. As he lay dieing he saw Topper take an arrow between the eyes from the young ganger with the handbow. Doh! The same ganger then turned round and bullseyed the sniper on a the adjoining roof. This boy was going to go far.

Meanwhile, His Inquisitorialness had hacked his way through the the walls and was busy dispatching the remaining defenders. 

After flaming the remaining sentries, Abbot Costello and a meatshield charged onto the upper walkways around the pirates hideout.

The last remaining Guardsmen followed the inquisitor inside wondering aloud what he had let himself in for. One of the Pirates sneaked round a side route and attempted to gun the private down....   

Only to be chopped into mincemeat by the Crusader who stepped out of the shadows.

In the end the final charge was led by the good abbot. He kept the Pirate boss and his henchman busy for long enough to allow the Inquisitor to join the fray and hack down the remaining scum. The Abbot did get carried away with his fervor and hack the Pirate Boss to bits which displeased the Inquisitor so much that he immediately sentenced him to a life of perdition serving the holy ordos! 

There you go, a swift little game in really cramped quarters. My shooting was totally lousy and in one round managed to fail to hit a single target. This was somewhat outweighed by the ganger with the handbow offing two guardsmen in quick succession but not nearly enough for me not give the pirates a good telling off at a later date. First post of the year! Hope you had a good New years Eve. Cheers.


  1. Sounds like a great game: certainly looks the part!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this! So much so I feel inspired and need to play a wee 2x2 game myself very soon!

  3. Looks really cool, nice AAR! So visual and atmospherical!

  4. Four square is enough, it would seem. The more I play I find I agree that a small table with a lot of scenery can be as good as or even better than a large one with only a little. Haven't tried that much compression yet, but . . . maybe it's time. Very nice! Looks like you had fun.

  5. That is one beautiful looking game. Too bad that Sgt. Wally made the fatal mistake of trying to go a bridge too far.

  6. Is this Rogue Trader game system?

  7. This was great. The crowded terrain board was a nice visual.


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