Thursday, 3 November 2016

Death comes to orc town

Pandrang wasn't happy. It was Orctober and his boys hadn't been invited to the greenskin gathering round the fat idols for years. He was fed up with his boys being sneered, or called scabbies, or being beaten to death with leftovers. This time he was going to face up to that big bully, Tugrug and turn up at the fat Idols no matter what. Just to be on the safe side he had bribed some Black orcs with some humie bones and promised them more when they bashed up Tugrugs boys.

Things didn't go well.

The black orcs went running off after the shootaboys that were lurking around in the forest like pinty eared gits. To make things worse a bunch of gobbo's turned and started shooting at Pandrang and his boys.

Splitting his half-orcs in two groups, Pandrang ran after the gobbo's and the rest turned round to help out the Black orcs who were becoming increasingly frustrated with not being able to catch any of the annoying shoota boys and had decided to charge Tugrugs orcs instead.

The gobbo's ran away much to Pandrang's delight but when he turned he saw a big block of Gobbo spearmen heading in his direction. Deciding to be tacticool he reversed his course hoping to catch up with the other boys trying to reach the combat between Tugrug and the Black orcs. As the gobbo shaman, Krappit, launched fireballs in to the advancing shoota boys, Pandrang could see Tugrug chopping down the last of the Black orcs, swiftly followed by the half-orc boys getting stomped on.

Pandrang and he two remaining chums made a sharp exit leaving the Gobbo's to get their but hurt by a now thoroughly enthusiastic Tugrug.

Pandrang huffed for several days. Most of the boys had just been beaten unconscious and made their way back to the camp where the Goblin Shaman arrived to have a chat. It was soon decided that Tugrug had gotten too big for his boots and the best way to deal with him was to gang up on him and raid his camp. Tugrugs warband had swollen with the news of the defeat of two warbands at once and he had a mob of gobbos helping him guard his camp.

Pandrang and the Waz Krappits Gobbos launched a two pronged attack on Tugrug's camp early in the morning. The Black orcs were as enthusiastic as ever and charged in first but were no match for Tugrug's mighty axe and his magic banner. They did their job though and pinned Tugrug's unit while Pandrang and the Gobbo spearboys got in range for a charge. This time Pandrang got to use his sneaky gits knife and despite bellowing his best warcrys, Tugrug couldn't get the best of Pandrang and after a charge from the Gobbo's and some tasty fighting from the half-orcs, the orcs fled from the field, taking their shootboys with them.

A couple of great little games of 3rd Edition using Erny's orc warband rules. I made the mistake of thinking that Black orcs would be useful in attack but there weren't enough of them to make any difference and they got pounded in both games. Another mistake was splitting my half orcs into two small units in the first game where they ran around a lot and achieved next to nothing!

The second game Snickit and I decided to gang up on Erny as his warband was needing taken down a peg or two. The Black Orcs were still useless but my half orc's did better as a single unit and with the help of the Gobbos manged to see off Erny's main unit after his other two had run away from charges. I did manage to attract a Hobgoblin Shaman to my warband but I need to get me some missile troops!


  1. Cheers for coming over Dude, defo a little campaign thing I want to keep going as it was lots of fun.

    I'll post my pics up when I get a chance, they're pretty bad photo's though. I think I need to improve the lighting in my living room!


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