Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Rockabully Witherwattle

Back to fantasy stuff again then. As I had so much fun painting my first c28 giant I got myself another one. This guy came without a weapon unfortunately but that was easily rectified by having a quick rake around the garden. This guy is made up of the Witherwattle body and the Rockabully head. 

It really is the heads on these guys that denote their character but their strangely mutated and withered bodies also make for oddly unsettling figures. As opposed to the ever popular Marauder Giant , these guys look severely malnourished and not very bright, but that's what you want from your giants, big hungry dummies.

This guy has obviously been in battle a fair bit as he's suffering from a nasty wound on his left arm and has that thousand yard stare thing going on. He's actually a fair bit taller than the other giant and is wearing a lot more clothes. The pose of both is quite similar though and contrasts quite sharply with the 3rd guy in the range. I suppose I'll have to find myself one of those now. Giant killing game anyone? You know the sort of thing, rogue beanstalk, rampaging Giants, brave young boy, golden eggs. Next years BOYL?

Finally here is a pic to give you a bit of scale. A couple of halforcs advance in support of their big dumb friend. He looks so sad in this pic, bless him.


  1. We had our dragon master but I think we've just found our giant master now ! He's brilliant Colin.

  2. Really nice job :) He looks so hmmm "in love" :)

  3. Always preferred these giants to the Marauder sculpt.

    Very nicely painted indeed!

  4. Thanks folks, he was a pleasure to paint, I love figures like that, they make it so easy.

  5. Gorgeous work! Those giants are some of my favourite models, hands down. And fielding them in an army is SO MUCH FUN.

  6. Great work, he's absolutely cracking. I love these giants, they're my favourite giant range I think.


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