Monday, 10 August 2015

Let's do this!

I have admitted to being poop at getting fantasy stuff painted. So it's time to do something about it.
This autumn I'm going to try and get as much of my Chaos army painted as possible. It's time to stop collecting stuff and actually get it ready to be placed on a table and used in anger.

I've already started for gods sake! The above unit of Mounted Chaos Thugs were done as part of a painting challenge that failed miserably. It's time to do some more. In order to collectively shame me into into getting stuff done I thought I'd show what I've got to paint. In a moment of toilet based calculations I worked it out to round about 5000 points if I get it all painted. More if I add magical banners and weapons.

I've also started some beastmen. I've painted 6 for a war band and a Minotaur to lead them.

Which means that I've got 13 more to paint. I'm going get them undercoated as soon as I pick one to convert to a standard bearer.

Next unit after that will be a unit of Chaos thugs. I bought the majority of the unit (on the green tray) for a pretty decent price on ebay and they include a newer standard bearer and musician but I'm quite happy with them so I'll keep them.

Then a nice little unit of chaos Dwarf crossbowmen. These are such cool little sculpts. They remind of the little gribblies in Labyrinth.

Then another unit of thugs. This time the Marauder ones, armed with bows. These have a BS of 4 and combined with the Chaos Dwarves will give my army some much needed firepower which is a rarity in chaos armies.

Now for some stupidly expensive units. 15 Chaos Marauders. Some really nice models in this group although a couple require some repairing. Again i'll have to convert one into a standard bearer but as there are a couple without weapons that shouldn't be that difficult.

And a horribly expensive (points wise) unit of warriors. There are 14 here but I'm more likely to field them as a 10. Some of them might be demoted to Marauders to give two units of 10 and stick a wizard in each. Again the standard bearer problem raises it's head, someone is going to need converting!

The heavy hitters continue with a 5 man unit of mounted Chaos warriors on the big old citadel horses. The figure second from the right seems to be attracted to me as I have another 6 copies of him sitting in my Chaos box.

I also have bits and pieces for some other mounted warriors, although I will probably use these as Marauders. I haven't quite decided on what to mount these guys on yet, at the moment I have some empire pistoliers horses but I'll have to investigated other alternatives.

The fast moving part of my army continues with a unit of Chaos centaurs led by one of the big-ass Marauder centaur champions.

And a chaos chariot being pulled by a couple of the smaller marauder chaos nags.

Now onto the characters. Two chaos sorcerers will be flinging magical bolts or other cool stuff at my enemies.

I've also got some mounted heroes. Jaek and Helwud and a dark elf Hero. These guys will be the mounted heroes for the army, Maybe level 15 or 20. I've yet to decide on an army General and I have an idea for an army standard bearer but i'll get there soon.

So there it is.  A result of my magpie like ebay sickness. I decide to do the chaos army first as it was the first one I collected. The orcs and and Hobgoblins came second and the empire is more recent.

You, dear reader, have the task of keeping me focussed. I will try and paint more Rogue Trader stuff and I will dangle pretty figures in front of you as I try and procrastinate further. You must keep me on track. Let's see how much of this I can get done by Christmas.

PS - This funny little blog of mine has recently passed 100,000 views! Thank you all very much for coming along and reading my meandering nonsense! Cheers!


  1. Well done pal now shaddap and paint !

  2. Yeah, it's all too easy to accumulate way too many minis, without realising how long it would take to get them all painted up. I commend you for your effort to motivate yourself. Hope your successful :)

    p.s. I'd do the same as you, posting my unpainted horde, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work for me :)


  3. A really nice Chaos force there! Bust through 'em one unit at a time and you will be done in no time!

  4. So the next question is generic Chaos or are you pledging to a god or two?

    1. I think I'm gonna go undivided, Erny, I don't have the balls to go all out for one of the gods!

  5. Looks like a great army in the planning, I look forward to swamping them on the field of battle!

    Now, to steal a phrase - "Getcher paint on!"

  6. That's going to be awesome when done!

  7. Cracking looking classic minis. I can't do armies but must admit I really admire those people who can do them.


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