Monday, 11 August 2014

Wacky races - BOYL stylee

I can't think of a more perfect game for a Sunday morning knock about than GorkaMorka. This was actually my first ever game but Cheetor had stepped in late in the day to organise us all and Captain crooks had selflessly prepared the data cards on the other side of the world as well as sending his awesome killdozer to Asslessman so that he could take part vicariously. So from bottom left to top right you can see my Death cab, OttoVonbismarks Red shadorks, captain crooks /asslessmans squat dozer, axioms brat speedster, Antipixi's underhivers rig and Cheetors Mushroom Klowd Tour bus. 

The basic aim was to get the gasoline pile in the middle of the board, grab a barrel and scarper back your base. Easier said than done!

The brats, who spent most of the game pulling doughnuts round everybody else, speed towards the centre, axioms model is the main reason this whole game came together so it was great to see it in the flesh/ glossy paint job.

I almost instantly got myself into a situation where I was about to be t-boned by a couple of Irishmen...
But thanks to some failed thrust tests I was able to get the first ram in!

Followed by Antipixi's lot foolhardy ramming of the squats.

Who then just missed the brats.
There was comedy, high speed conga lines....
And scarily close shaves....

Plasma-toting green skins!
High speed raking!!

More explosions!!

Unfortunate Bratts!!



Lessons in the correct use of seatbelts on tour busses!!

During all this madness, some of us actually remembered to pick up some of the fuel.

The turns worked on a random card drawn system just like we had with the Sensei/quickening game. This worked brilliantly in both and in future multiplayer games is an absolute must, especially as you get a little momentous of the game.

With the Bratts, the underhivers and the red shadorks either dead or foot slogging it was down to the deathcab co. And mushroom Klowd to try and claw some points back from the awesome 3-point turn skills of the Squats. Another t-boning and some successful thrusts
And I managed to get back to base with some gas and only one dead crew member. Not enough to win but good enough for me. I have to thanks to all the other guys that played, we were convinced by Cheetors argument that the game would be over really quickly but in the end it lasted about 2 hours and it was great fun from start to finish.


  1. Excellent report, I actually laughed a lot remembering that series of silly events and all those epic moments like the goofs ejected from the tour bus and the bike scratching on a wall...

  2. It was a very silly game, but good fun. I enjoyed the way nothing much happened for about 5 or 6 turns and then half the vehicles were destroyed in about the next 2.

    Thanks to all involved, especially Paul for organising it and the Captain for the data cards etc.

  3. Loely, lovely, lovely! That looks so awesome!! You really did it right!!

  4. Perfect light hearted game...immense fun, brilliantly organised (compered?) and plenty of action. My bratts single handedly failed to cause any damage or kills. But they did look pretty cool doing it!

    Ditto the thanks to cheetor, Captain Crooks, and of course, all the madcap drivers!

  5. looks like a right riot, I may need to get some sort of vehicle put together for myself!

  6. I hear the Benny Hill theme tune when I look at these pictures. Thats a good thing.

    GoMo is of course, completely daft and very random. I dont think that I could play it every week for very long. That said, every so often its a bit of fun and it regularly throws up memorable moments.

    I was a little bit rustier on the rules than I could have been to be honest, but Chris picked up the slack admirably. Nice one Chris.

  7. Cool, this brings it all back to mind again nicely. A great game with some great guys, what more can you ask for. :D


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