Monday, 11 August 2014

The mean streets of Ferrograd - BOYL 2014

The Ferrograd pirate game was the scheduled to be a kind 'getting to know you' game where we play fast and loose and get use to the real, live person that we are playing against rather than the forum avatar. Cheetor had brought his Orky pirates safely across the sea and JB manfully took to the task of GM'ing the shenanigans. I've posted plenty about this scenario already so I won't repeat my self but I'll run through the happenings as I can recall them. 

Fiddy and his crew waited impatiently for the grots to open the door.
Balthazar chose to go with the easy option be given the locations of three of the gold crates.
The grots make their way out of the sewers.
With the info he needs Balthazar goes up stairs to the rusty blaster and gathers his crew.
While the grots decide to risk the open streets rather than trudge through the muck.
The pirates move to the rooftop
The fuzz on the roof top question the grots who try to bluff there way out of trouble but fail a cool test and the shooting starts!
Distracted by the sneaky greenies the fuzz ignore the heavily armed pirates trying to appear casual while rushing to the target buildings to pick up some loot.
Meanwhile Jenny Tong and her newest camera man , Jayce, go looking for info and interviewees.
The grots weather the storm of fire heading their way.
And fire back with a flamer that deviates behind the fuzz, nearly committing a hate crime by burning down the church of the pudding.
A-hole makes it to the door but fails to understand how to work it. Billy, with the encouragement of crackers the parrot, tries to open the door in his own subtle manner.
The pirates sprint accross the upper walkways...
Only to be stopped in their tracks by Jenny Tong and a lot of questions that they fail to answer convincingly.
The fuzz finally stop some of the lads and start to question what they are up to and wether they have anything to do with the sneaky grots.
The door finally gets opened and the Skallywags flood into Ferrograd and split upto go hunting for loot.
Meanwhile some of the pirates reach the first building, knock down the door and start searching for a crate. 
The Skallywags are heading in their direction in force and manage to blast four of the pirates away in one round of shooting.
Meanwhile Billy has sprinted into the Rusty Blasters games room and has begun to interrorgate the pointy eared get.
The pirates manage to get one crate through the gates and head to another building across the sludge river. The Skallywags are hot on their tail
The pirates return fire and take out several orks with small arms and a flamer. The captain isn't happy.
And charges into a couple of the lads, splattering them with his power fist.
Balthazar and the remaing pirates search a couple of buildings in a desperate attempt to make their trip to Ferrograd worthwhile.
But Billy is on his way....
As are the reinforcement for the fuzz.
Sneaky sneaky!
Leaving the fuzz and Billy to deal with remaing pirates the captain and his trusty grot cabin boy head to the landing pad.
Balthazar finally meets Billy face to face and lifts his plasma pistol to try to remove Billy's last wound, he hits.....
While Billy gets his revenge, The Captain destroys the servitor guarding the buccaneers only crate and calls on their ride.
And Jenny tong gets the bloody mess on film, she'll get and astro-Pulitzer for sure!

We had a great game and it was great to find that Cheetor, Asslessman and myself all like the same kind of game. Story driven daftness is what it's all about! 

There were some incidents I forgot to photograph in all the excitement, Lucky the pirate holding off half a dozen green skins (including a cat) for 3 rounds all on his own. Two security officers going toe to toe with Billy in the games room and taking two wounds off him! And the greenskin chuckle brothers staggering through the streets with a big gold crate. 
The game worked just as planned and seeing the board in all it's glory was well worth the hassle. There were loads of lovely comments from other gamers which is always nice. I'll write a bit more about the weekend when info the next couple of reports but the main thing to take away is that the folks at foundry are incredibly welcoming and once it's finished, the new foundry HQ is going to be a fantastic place to visit. Quote of the weekend was when we were sitting have a chat with the man himself , Bryan Ansell, 'so why is it that the area is the centre of the Toy Soldier industry?' 'That'll probably be down to me' he replied without a pause. Legend. 


  1. That game looked like an awful lot of fun. The cracking minis on the fantastic board doesn't hurt either.

  2. Looks and reads like it was a blast, I'm not sure if you could have a bad game on such a board.
    I hope Cheetor's cat made it out alive!

  3. So pleased to have seen this in person, really stunning looking game and a great bunch of gamers having a blast.

  4. Fantastic stuff...very happy to see this come to a happy conclusion you guys worked incredibly hard to make it happen. Kudos to

  5. Very tasty indeed, your scenery was even more stunning in person :)

  6. Awesome photos and narrative. I'm loving the terrain and scenery too. Thanks so much for posting!

  7. This game was great fun to play and the various ups and downs, sub-plots and shenanigans made it exactly the sort of game that those fantastic scenario tables in the back of RT always promised. Having all of that take place on such a cool table, complete with evocative NPC types was particularly satisfying. Great work Colin.

    Bruno, the cat got plugged late in the game :(


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