Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sir Tedwin De Pu'del

Erny has been kind enough to invite a load of smelly oldhammerers over to his abode to play a dungeon delving version on his lovely looking terrain. So I was in need of an Adventurer of some sort. I rummaged around in my piles of lead and came up with several possibilities, Strider from my list of top ten minis , a conversion of the officer from the marksmen of miriglaino, a paladin from the old citadel d&d range. However, none of them were doing it for me. After having a look through the interwebs I decided to do a conversion based on an old Black Tree Design HYW knight. I snipped off his head and then had a hard time deciding which head to replace him with.

The different heads give the figure lots of differing characters. The capped head on the left makes him look like a serious, religious type - a bit of a templar. The cap on the right makes him look a bit shifty, maybe a mercenary.

 The figure on the right looks young an inexperienced, the plan was to cut the cap off and replace with hair. The last head shows a more experienced retainer of some sort.

In the end, with the help of the FB group, I went for the young look. I actually ended up using a different head as it was easier to clip the cap off. In the picture above you can see the green stuff for his collar and his hair.
And here he is all painted up. I dubbed him Sir Tedwin De Pu'del. He is the youngest son of the Lord Pu'del and as such isn't likely to inherit much from the family. In order to earn his fortune he has decided to search for wealth and fame by scouring the dark places of the world. He has fallen in with a wizard from the grey college and a disreputable gent known as Adelmo Lardo.

Hopefully he will survive the journey's into the depths and have many colourful adventures in the old world.


  1. Love how he turned out, very nice work. Can't wait to hear how the dungeon crawling goes.

  2. I have the BTD figure in my lead pile. I knew I recognised him, just couldn't place him due to the conversion. Looks very nice, this party is beginning to look like the cover of the Dragon Warriors reprint.


  3. Lardo? Lardo?! That's Ladro, boy, and don't you forget it!

    (NIce conversion and paint job, btw. Looking at him I think I should go back and do another highlight on the thief's hair after all)

    1. You know Lardo's so gonna stick........................

    2. Tempted to paint up a halfling just to keep making this joke in character! ;-)

    3. We all can anyhow, whenever we talk to him...........................

      A Halfling Cleric (may need to be a conversion for such a random concept) may be quite cool, like a tiny Friar Tuck! (could call him Friar Tuckin or Friar Tuckshop). He could spend his time chasing Lardo around...........................

  4. He does look awesome Col, great work!

  5. Great job on the conversion, the paint job and the base too!

  6. Great work, lovely and bright as I expect from the Leadpile output.

    Im envious of you guys getting together for a dungeoncrawl, it sounds like a recipe for fun :)

  7. Nice conversion, great sculpt on the hair. Dungeon delve sounds great. I also really enjoyed catching up with your BOOYL reports.


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