Sunday, 17 August 2014

Confrontation in Ferrograd

Well we did it. We managed to play a game that hasn't seen the light of day in 25 years. A game that was never officially a product, was never actually on sale and  was nothing more than a footnote in GW's history.

For those of you that don't know, Confrontation was a game that was developed by Bryan Ansell and various others in the late 80's. The game is a small scale skirmish battle based in a hive world where gangs are pitted against each other in a desperate struggle for supremacy. Sound familiar? The background would later be developed (simplified?) further and used in Necromunda. The rules were more detailed than Rogue Trader and were based on Laserburn and went on to be developed further and used as the basis of Inquisitor. The game was only published across half a dozen issues of White Dwarf and never fully. These titbits gave us some gorgeous illustrations and some inspirational background about the hive world of necromunda (quite different from the Necromunda fluff). 
I managed to play some short games when I was about 15 but that was about it. Now we have an opportunity to actually play a game at the weekend of childhood reenactment that was BOYL14. 

I was using my kit bashed tech gang who were tasked with deleting some incriminating data from the local data networks.
Antipixi was using Imamu's eradictators to baby sit a stooge.
And axioms beautiful Bratt gang were trying to get themselves involved in some spook trafficking.
The eradicators went straight for their target and also went after the Bratts as soon as they spotted them.
The stooge, calling himself 'Abdul Goldberg', was holed up in an empty bar.
The Bratts didn't see what hit them...
As two eradicators lept round the corner and scorched them with a flamer.
A sneaky tech had meanwhile been knocked out by a lucky shot from the bar.
While the rest of the Techs headed for a computer terminal to get rid of the data.
Suddenly some offworlders appeared at the far end of the sector looking mean and well armed.
The tech were surprised by the appearance of the Bratt gang leader
But they swiftly dealt with them, though not permanently as it turns out.
The fourth tech ganger managed to sprint accross the river crossing and let off two deadly accurate shots at the underhivers, one blowing the head off a lardy ganger the other igniting the tank of promethium on a gangers back a causing a huge explosion.
The techs kept the Bratts at bay while the tech leader clambered over the wall and operated the computer, scrubbing the data and unleashing a sentry bit he found in the system. 
Which he sent stomping after the remaining eradicators but was halted by a very complex door handle.
The Bratts finally overcame the techs and along with the offworlders began searching through the crates liking for the stash.
Only the tech leader remained and with few options left decided that the only way to kill the stooge was to use his computer skills...
And drop the Arvus lighter on his head! But he missed! Just as the getaway arrived for the eradicators handing them the victory.

All four of us had wanted to play this game for years and Asslessman had done an amazing job in organising the game ensuring that we were all aware of our missions and keeping the turns flowing. The turns were based on individual figures initiative so every figure has an individual turn in a strict order rather than each player having a turn.
Although it looks like a really complex game we actually rocked through turns once we'd got our eye in. We all agreed that we'd play again in the future hopefully it won't be too long. 
Check out Antipixi's blog for another review and I'll edit this post as soon as Asslessman gets his version up. Same goes for axiom. Cheers guys for a great game. 


  1. Excellent report, I'm glad you guys had fun. It was quite an achievment to finish on such a game after all the games in the WE. A lot can be learnt from this game to make the following even better.
    Players really did use the roleplaying possibilities of the game and made it a game I'll remember for long !
    Extra thanks to Antipixi for his hard drive like memory of his, remembering every chart and every effect like he did !

  2. I was so focused on my objectives that I seriously had very little recollection of what went on over the other side of the table. It's nice to see what you were actually up to!

    Asslessman - I've re-read the rules and made so notes on what we did wrong/missed out. In my opinion, the way we played it worked really well, so I'm glad we fudged the rules a bit.

  3. I have seen your gaming board in several blogs and it just looks epic.

    I love the "throw away" games that were published in the old White Drawfs. I am in the process of putting together a "Vulture warriors from dimension X" game I found in White Dwarf 112.

    I am glad to see that they are playable and not just page fillers for old White dwarfs.

    Is there a plan to play any Blood bowl at the BOYL?

    1. Someone did threaten some bloodbowl this year but it never happened do I'd imagine it might appear next year. As to to vulture warriors...., we had a go at it last October if you check back through the blog, one of the Stagathon posts. It was great fun and Cheetor and I were thinking of having a go next year at BOYL.

    2. cheers for that, I will work through your back log.

      Its only thanks to your blog that I have realised they did Paranoia Miniatures. Too cool

  4. This is so awesome I cannot find proper words for it! Your table works so nice that is both suitable for the show and for exciting games, as you have proved. Truly inspirational, seriously, you managed to have tons of fun!

  5. This was awesome to see...finding the reports from different perspectives is also great, so clearly a hit. Please share with us in the US so we can give it a go.

  6. Chief, your board is super cool


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