Sunday, 10 August 2014

BOYL can be only one

I know I said I'd have a report up yesterday but I've no signal (honest!) so I'm finally able to put something together while I drip dry in the hotel room. So far I've had a whale of a time. After the initial awkward introductions and politeness we got down to gaming as quick as we were able. The tables were set up in a marquee in the middle of the circular buildings that now house foundry so we had a perfect gaming environment, bright and cheery with enough air to hide all the 'manly' odours. I'll take more photos of the surroundings today. The first game was the Ferrograd pirate game but that'll take longer for me to write up so I'll start with the quickening game. 

The basic set up involved random order of play and each of the Sensei deployed around the edge of the board.
The aim was to be the last Sensei standing but you could only remove an opponents final wound in close combat by another Sensei, the sidekicks were useful for stripping wounds and getting in the way. Each Sensei started with two power cards and could gain more by reaching holy ground or killing another Sensei.
The first to 'feel the stag' was kurgan-r's who neatly snipped the head off Lucas Stern.
Blanche came next by removing Connor mclamberts noggin. That meant JB (who supplied the special effects) had lost both his figures!
Lady nriruka then ended Van Zant's pitiful attempt at god hood.
And Ramirez stopped sneaking about long enough to stop Blanche in her tracks.
And lady nriruka used her newly won leap skill to surprise kurgan-ra and give a very close haircut.
This left Ramirez and Lady Nriruka in a final titanic struggle....
But there can be only one!

More to come! 


  1. Yeah! Terrific looking board! And I love the special effects!

  2. That looks superb! More, I need more!!

  3. looks like an epic weekend!

    Love ferrograd and hope to attend next year

  4. Very entertaining- awesome indeed!

  5. How many miniature re-enactments of Highlander could claim to have an attendant Frenchman trying Scottish accents and a Scotsman making as much effort to sound Spanish as Sean Connery did? Not many I suspect.

    A fun excuse to push some goofy miniature projects around :)

  6. Who's Kurgan-ra figure is that.


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