Friday, 13 June 2014

Nerd Gang

It occurred to me that the Tech-gangs from confrontation are essentially just armed cyber-nerds which is an idea that quite tickles me! Kind of an ultra-agressive IT support. 
"I don't believe you have tried turning it off and on again! Die in ignorance user scum!"

I've finished off the first of the Tech-gang for the Confrontation Royal rumble at BOYL14. I need to base him to blend into the streets of Ferrograd but I'll get round to it when I've finished both gangs.
Here's another view. 9 figure to go! (plus another 7 I decided to paint!) I've working on the scenario for the pirate game as well and I'm going to send it to Asslessman for him to peruse as he has kindly offered to GM the game in proper old school stylee. Once I'm happy with it I'll publish it here in the week before the big day.


  1. Nice! All this Confrontation stuff I've been seeing lately makes me want to delve into the lead pile and find my old models. Is that a conversion or a kit bash model?

  2. Total Kit Bash mate, I think I shaved his head but apart from that it's all just glue and bits!

  3. He looks great! I like the mini posters in the background too, nice touch :)

  4. Great looking miniature, can't wait to see the rest. And those are awesome posters on your terrain.


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