Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Full House!

At last! It's Mine! All mine! The second tome of chaos has come to me! I will know all the secrets of the dark gods powers! Mine I tell you! Mine!



  1. You know, you really shouldn't take pics of it while you're driving ;)

  2. "You know, you really shouldn't take pics of it while you're driving"

    It's OK, Nurgle is his copilot.


  3. Did you collect it in person and or from the post office and then took a photo straight away?

    I got mine off ebay a long time ago (early 2000's) before I could drive, I remember collecting it from the post office and then returning on the bus trying to secretly read it, I was still ashamed of my geeky hobby back then.

    Anyway nice to have the tomb safely in the collection. It also happens to have the best rules summary for WHFB ever in the front.

    1. I picked it up from the guys house (his wife gave me a quizical look!) and took a pic as soon as I got back to the car (i'd parked round the corner). I could have paid 15 quid 2nd class postage and waited god knows how long but I was too excited for that nonsense.
      The rules summary is brilliant, the sort of thing that needed to be in the front of all the books.

    2. The champion creation process is a lot clearer too!


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