Monday, 31 March 2014

Beastie boys

Another quick update for the warband. 3 beastmen are now finished along with their Bovine big brother. Obviously basing needs to be done but I'll do them all in one go once they are painted. 

I've also nearly done with Johny Alpha. He's been sitting around getting little bits of attention over the lady week or so. A layer here a highlight there. Still a bit to go but he's such a cool figure. I've got Wulf and Gronk to go with him both of whom I'll get around when there's time.

And finally for today this chap came in the post. He's another of the Maruader Confrontation gangers like the Psyker from the Sensei Warband. This guy is from the Tech gang and although he's not as nice a figure as the Psyker he's still pretty cool. If the Sensei attracts any new followers in the coming months I reckon this guy will fill the void.


  1. Lush looking Beasties Matey and your Johny Alpha's looking the bees knees too.............................if bees knees were a rather fetching yellow and green...................... which they aren't................... but you get what I'm saying.............................

  2. My victims are looking impressive!

    Love the Johnny Alpha. Lovely crisp paint job.

    How do you find the time?

  3. I'll tell you a secret. My painting stuff is set up in the utility room next to the toilet. Everytime I pop to the loo or nip through to do some cooking or tidying etc I squeeze in 5-10 mins painting. I do pretty much all my painting standing up or sitting on the loo (lid down!) I get some painting done, wifey might get a cup of tea on the way back! Everybodies happy. For instance while cooking a pasta sauce and some papardele I got a base coat on 2 beastmen and a Chaos hound.


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