Wednesday, 23 October 2013

So much to do, so little time........

I thought I'd take a wee bit of time to run through the projects that I've started over the past year. I figure that by showing stuff on here the knowledge that other people can see my painfully slow progress it'll shame me in to getting my arse in gear and getting more stuff painted.

So here is a list of stuff I'm kidding myself I'll get painted! 

1. Rogue trader stuff

I've got about 30 pirates and adventurers undercoated and some started but the above 4 are the only ones I've finished up until now. 16 or so eldar are an evening or so away from being finished and I did manage to do a similar amount of marines 

But I also have a complete RT ork army just sitting there begging for attention including 5 dreadnoughts and a squad of Ogryns! 

2. 3rd edition warhammer chaos army

I've managed to build up a silly sized pile of lead that equates to about 4000 points  including chaos dwarves, thugs, beastmen, marauders, centaurs, hobgoblins, orcs and various war machines and knights/warriors. 
So far I've painted the above figure! 

3. Sons of Horus Army

No I haven't won the lottery. Most of the figures are plastic and have been recycled from other projects or ebayed for much cheapness. The forgeworld ones I do have are either presents from people who don't pay full price anyway or badly painted cheapness from eBay that I've managed to rescue. Quite a lot of this is actually done just needs finishing off but as I'm going to forced to play 6th edition I'm not sure if I can be arsed. Still I promised my old scumgrod I would but he's even slower than me! 

4. Dutch Revolt / 16th century skirmish army / armies

This is one of those projects that I really want to do as I love this period of history. I've multi-based the mini's so that I can have them as units and as single figs. I haven't settled on the rules yet, either the perfect captains 'Spanish fury' or a doctored version of 'Sharp Practice'. Either way I don't actually have any one to play with (I'm doing Dutch as well as Spanish) hence why I've only got as far as finishing the above unit. 

5. Inq28 figures

Another project started in a fit of enthusiasm that has inevitably petered out after finishing half a dozen figures. The sad thing is that I've got another half dozen built that I just need to give a bit of love to and they'd be done. These include a rogue tech priest

A cold-trader / pirate captain

A navigator

And a mean looking combat servitor

So there you are, I've outed myself as a serial project abandoner. I must now work to redeem myself and get all of these projects going again and get at least some of them finished! Wish me luck!

Oh. I forgot about the 30 years war armies. And the chaos cultists. And of course there's my bretonnians........


  1. Do the Navigator first and get him on a table, he's ace.

  2. We're all on the same boat I guess ;)
    Your RT and inq28 models are ace with all characters at the end. you can easily squeeze all of this in the same project and it will be awesome !

    the chaos warrior is very good too, love the red and its contrast.

  3. I'm a serial project abandoner too! I think there is actually a lot of us.

  4. I think the term "Wargamer" actually means "Project Abandoner" if you look it up online so I wouldn't feel too bad about it, after all, when IS a project finished? Stunning paint jobs as usual Dude.

  5. It's nice to know i'm not the only one. I reckon knowing people are going to see stuff is going to be a motivator so expect to see stuff getting painted in the near future and just for WP I'll get the navigator promoted to the top of the pile!

  6. Mate have no fear! There are so many of us out there that I think it's a common disorder. My project table is littered with 40k; Rogue Trader; Horus Heresy and Epic projects some of whom have spent a decade awaiting completion!!

  7. I know what you mean Legio, I have some Harliquin Miniatures skeletons I brought in 1998 and basecoated, and now early 2015, in the same state but a bit dusty.....


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