Wednesday, 17 September 2014

100 followers celebration post!

In the last week I have gained my 100th follower to this blog.

I'm quite stunned. I am a happy little camper.

I primarily use this blog as a motivational tool, in order to post stuff I have to get stuff done. However through this tiny little corner of the t'internet I have met and gamed with loads of lovely people that I would never have had an opportunity to meet never mind play games with.

I find it a massive boost that so many of you have bothered to follow my wibbling meandering through my hobby world and as a bit of a celebration and a massive thankyou I thought I'd do a bit of a give away.

Like most gamers I've got piles of figures waiting patiently to be painted that may never be blessed  with a visit from paint brush fairy. The nicest thing to do would be to gift them to someone who has space in their army/warband for them. I'm guessing that one of you lucky people out there will have the place for them. So this is whats going to happen.

Just leave a comment at the bottom of this post stating what army you are building and in a weeks time I will randomly pick a comment, find a suitable figure, convert it, paint it and send it to you as a thank you giving you a unique character for your army.
Don't worry if you don't follow the blog yet, just add yourself and leave a comment. You never know you might get lucky!


  1. Ooh! Pick me! Pick me! Chaos, early Bretts, dungeoneering adventurers, preslotta/RoR-era orcs, RT retinue...

    Seriously, well done, mate - and well-deserved.

  2. Hey Congratulations Dude!

    As you may of gathered from some of our chats I do most things (as in a pile of unpainted minis that covers most things) but am thinking of maybe, possibly, dabbling in, Skaven......................

    My next project though will be for our Rogue Trader Campaign. I've decided to build a ships crew of smugglers/pirates/mercenaries/hired guns that fly about in a ship I've dubbed "The Rogues Gambit", I haven't decided on the composition of the crew/gang yet but that'll come in time..................................

  3. 40K Inquisition and Fantasy and 40K Chaos. All sorts of craziness available there...

    Congratulations for 100 followers!

  4. congratulations on your 100th follower.

    Your blog is one of the main reasons I am planning to attend BOYL next year and playing Gorkamorka for Orctober.

    In the process of building a Ogre (pirate) army, or a Gorkamorka figure would be cool. I currently run 1500 points of Empire for WH fantasy and am about to add another 500 pts via Great swords!

  5. Congratulations of reaching 100!
    Currently working on Dwarves, dark elves, wood elves, and skaven.

  6. Well done on reaching this milestone!

    I have been loving your approach to fantasy miniatures, ie. taking a lovely sculpt in a new direction with a simple head swap or weapon change. If I were to be picked out of the hat that is what I would go for all day long.

  7. Congratulations!

    I just added myself as blog follower not too long ago--it was your conversion of the Hundred Years' War Black Tree Design figures into adventurers that caught my eye.

    Now I'm eyeballing some of my own HYW BTD figures for a similar treatment.

    Keep up the great work.

  8. Congrats!

    I am currently painting Rogue Trader Blood Axe orks!


  9. Golly, appears as if it is time to follow... as it happens I am working on Inquisitor retinue type figures, and new figures surely would be welcome...

  10. Way to go 100! Warhammer Chaos.......and Warhammer Chaos oh and Heroquest. =)

  11. Awesome on you kind sir! 100 followers is a pretty exciting milestone. I'm just now staring down 100 posts and that's scary enough. Yes, this blogging business is eye-opening and inspirational when you get serious about it.

    I joined up because I fell in love with your Ferrograd that I encountered over on Cheetor's blog. Probably not a big shock that I'm working on Pulp Sci-Fi style adventurers. Your blog is an inspiration to more gamers than just yourself. Which you've apparently figured out. Very sincerest congratulations.

  12. Well done Mate ! All diserved !

    It's been a pleasure to join your blog and enjoy this excellent output of yours and it's been even more delightful to share no less than 4 games with you at BOYL !

    If you really want to pick me, well, let's say my RT underhivers could use your talents !

    And here's for the next 100 !

  13. Congratulations, Colin :) This blog is a constant source of inspiration, I'm glad you reached your first 100 followers :)
    I'm for anything RT, from Ultramarines to Renegades, from Arbites to Adventurers, mutants os crazy beasts, but I'm afraid I'm not 'building' armies, but simply scattering myself between too many projects :D

  14. Woohoo! 3 digit numbers!

    Very nicely done and very well deserved!

    Not fussed about a figure - just glad to have you on the blogosphere (as are the other 99 or so)!

  15. Congrats on 100 followers, well deserved. I'll join in. That'd be at least one finished figure. My main army is WFB Orcs and/or Goblins.


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